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4 Steps To Feel More Comfortable In Your Body Right Now.

“I am just not comfortable in my body” is something that I hear from people quite frequently. This is also a reason you may be having a hard time letting go of the death grip you have on dieting.  I get it. I was chronically uncomfortable in my body too, and I didn’t understand how becoming anti-dieting would help that.

Often the discomfort you feel in your body is not actually about physical discomfort, as much as it is the belief system around the physical discomfort. Many of us call this emotional discomfort, and it is a powerful. As a matter of fact, emotional discomfort is found to be more powerful and persuasive than physical discomfort.

It is powerful enough to make that chub rub you feel on a hot summer day spark your diet brain telling you that you need to immediately go on that 30 day program you saw an acquaintance post on Facebook.

It is enough to make the jeans digging into your abdomen awaken the sleeping critic and make you feel like you need to go run off the burger you just ate.

It is so persuasive that it can make you think of pushing way past fatigue when you are riding your bike because you can feel your leg touch your stomach.

But these things are often not a result of the actual physical feeling of your body. It is the associative narrative you have attached to them. The story we have linked to these situations is that something is wrong with your body, and your body needs fixed.

Your body isn’t a problem that needs fixed at all, your beliefs about your body do.

You can change the clothes you wear. You can work around chaffing. You can handle feeling your body move with movement. Those things are not that uncomfortable, and you can usually alleviate them. They are also situational. When we look at the physical discomfort alone, you may see that it isn’t that big of a deal. However, the shame you feel about all of them is.

If having your thighs rub together practically starting a fire makes you think you are disgusting, unlovable, and less worthy then it is your belief system around it. Not your thighs itself.

If having jeans cut into your sides makes you feel like you are a failure, then it isn’t the jeans (which are easily fixable) it is the story you linked to needing larger jeans.

If your body jiggling, squishing, and doing whatever else makes you feel like you are unhealthy due to some narrow messed up health ideals, then that isn’t the body itself.

These things reflect what you believe about your body. How do you become more comfortable if you are experiencing these?

First, get real with yourself on what the “uncomfortable” is. Is it physical or emotional?

Secondly, alleviate any physical discomfort if you can because that can be annoying. This is why I love leggings, high waisted pants, skirts, and longer shorts in the summer. Sometimes you will experience physical discomfort, that is life. I swear I can start a fire with my thighs in the summer, but that isn’t going to prevent me from living my damn life.

Thirdly, put your focus on changing your beliefs – not your body.  Changing your body isn’t within your control, so you might as well give that up and focus on the real issue at hand. Explore what those things mean to you.

The last thing I will add to this is to learn who you are and start to be comfortable with who you are, not just your body. This is the premise of understanding that you are more than your body. Which comes from knowing who you are, and knowing that who you are truly is enough.

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