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RY 17: Let’s Talk About Sugar Addiction with Sarah Vance

This idea around sugar addiction, or food addiction, is thrown around quite a bit. I hear many people self-proclaim that they are addicted to food, and to be honest I did the exact same thing when I struggled with food back in my dieting days. Why is it that we are so quick to call ourselves food addicts? Why is it that we have this new age idea of “sugar addiction”? I wondered what evidence there is to actually support this idea around food addiction, especially because after healing my relationship with body and food I now realize that the “sugar addiction” I thought I had was a direct result of something  very different.

It was a result of restriction and my inability to deal with emotional discomfort.

I wondered: is it possible for people to be addicted to food – something we need for survival? Is the “addiction” actually on the substance of food/sugar itself, or is it something else?

And if food addition is a real thing, why isn’t everyone that eats sugar/food addicted? Much like why is everyone who shops, gambles, or tries drugs addicted?

I wanted to share my *opinion* on this idea around food addiction. I am not saying I am expert, because I sure as hell am not. I am not a researcher or medical professional that has dedicated their entire life to this study. I am however, someone who look at things critically and asks questions when I see holes. I am also inquisitive about “addiction” alone.

In today’s podcast I shared my own opinion, and experience, with this concept of “food addiction”. I look at some data studies this, and talk about viewing addiction in a different way than what many people may be looking at it thanks to a man who has dedicated his life to working with and studying addicts/addiction.

So the question is: Can we actually be addicted to food? I hope this podcast gets your brain thinking and you can form your own opinion on it, and also maybe let go of your own self-proclaimed food addiction just as I have.

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