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RY26: Exposing Your Courage and Bravery with Emily Ann Peterson

Emily Ann Peterson spent 17 years with her cello. It was her second voice until she was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor. It was then she knew she would need to be brave. Her podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, features conversations with everyday heroes and creative entrepreneurs about the quiet successes and loud failures required to do the brave things for which we know and love. Peterson’s mission is inspire global resonance and community through the marriage of art and whole-person development. You can connect with her on her website HEREEmily Ann Peterson Bare Naked Bravery, Sarah Vance, Reclaiming You Podcast

In this episode we chat about:

  • What does bravery actually mean?
  • The difference between fearlessness vs. bravery.
  • How to move through fear when you are faced with it.
  • Emily’s three different types of bravery.
  • How we can be courageous for other’s before ourselves at times.
  • How to re-frame your failures to help you move forward.
  • The importance of celebrating your quiet successes.
  • How we can use our intuition to help guide us forward with whatever we need.
  • How we can use judgement to ourselves or to others to help guide us to what is going on.
  • How creativity plays an impact on our expression and full sense of self.
  • Emily’s concept behind “Life Currency” on the basis of how she finds value in her life.

You can listen to the episode below, downloading it HERE, or hitting me up on iTunes:

Show Notes:

Where to connect with Emily: 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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