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RY33: Let’s Do No Harm In Healthcare with Sarah Thompson and Dr. DeAun Nelson

This is the first time I have had a duo on my show. We are chatting with the brilliant people from the new podcast: Do No Harm. Obviously, as a healthcare practitioner who also is a body image coach: I had to have them on! Basically, I wanted to geek out with some people who I knew would get it, and who I also knew are doing much needed and amazing work. This was one of my personal favorite conversations I have had thus far.

Sarah Thompson is currently in a Masters degree program to become an East Asian medical practitioner where I mainly study acupuncture and Chinese herbalism. My own experience influences my passion for educating medical professionals about weight stigma, how to practice in a weight-inclusive manner, and how to practice in a trauma-informed manner.

Dr. DeAun Nelson has her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine who currently works at Watershed Wellness  who practices under the guidelines of Health At Every Size and providing weight neutral patient centered care. You can learn more about her HERE

Things we talk about: 

  • What the Do No Harm podcast is going to be about.
  • How they shifted their mentality around health to be in alignment with their new beliefs.
  • Why it is so hard to break the stereotype around health.
  • How  weight stigma and bias has a negative impact on our health.
  • The privileges that exist within the entire size spectrum, not just related to thin bodies.
  • The importance of acknowledging our own – and collective – stories.
  • How can we advocate for our own needs as patients.

You can listen to that below, download it HERE, or check it out on iTunes

Show Notes: 

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